Base Font Size:PX


How to Convert PX to REM

Converting a px value to rem, you have to declare body font size.

body {font-size: 16px}
Then, apply the bellow formula or manually compute it.
EM to PX Formula:
rem = px / body font size

PX to REM Table

Commonly used px to rem sizes are listed here. This is based on base font-size is 16px. You can also try the above converter.

10px 0.625rem
11px 0.6875rem
12px 0.75rem
13px 0.8125rem
14px 0.875rem
15px 0.9375rem
16px 1rem
17px 1.0625rem
18px 1.125rem
19px 1.1875rem
20px 1.25rem
21px 1.3125rem
22px 1.375rem
23px 1.4375rem
24px 1.5rem
25px 1.5625rem
26px 1.625rem
27px 1.6875rem
28px 1.75rem
29px 1.8125rem
30px 1.875rem
31px 1.9375rem
32px 2rem
33px 2.0625rem
34px 2.125rem
35px 2.1875rem
36px 2.25rem
37px 2.3125rem
38px 2.375rem
39px 2.4375rem
40px 2.5rem
41px 2.5625rem
42px 2.625rem
43px 2.6875rem
44px 2.75rem
45px 2.8125rem
46px 2.875rem
47px 2.9375rem
48px 3rem
49px 3.0625rem
50px 3.125rem
51px 3.1875rem
52px 3.25rem
53px 3.3125rem
54px 3.375rem
55px 3.4375rem
56px 3.5rem
57px 3.5625rem
58px 3.625rem
59px 3.6875rem
60px 3.75rem
61px 3.8125rem
62px 3.875rem
63px 3.9375rem
64px 4rem

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