It will not be possible for you to remain in the business without your customers and you need to develop and nurture a long-term relationship with your customers. Showing sincere appreciation to your customers can be the easiest way to build a closer relationship with your clients. Unfortunately, a remarkable number of companies fail to spare a little time to thank the customers for having business with them, and particularly for eCommerce marketing, it can be a great strategy to extend thanks to customers.

When competing against your competitors, customer service can create a lot of differentiation. The companies that create a meaningful experience for the customers can compete on loyalty and word of mouth, and carve out a distinct place in the market. Thanking customers for their purchases can go a long way and a high percentage of businesses lost customers due to the indifference shown to the customers.

For ecommerce marketing strategy, making long term relationships with the customers remains a priority to stay ahead in the tough competition. Here you can find the benefits for thanking your customers and a list of suggestions that can provide your industry with a personal style for increasing customer engagement with some simple steps:

What are the benefits of thanking customers?

There are few genuine reasons for thanking the customers and here a few key reasons discussed:

Customers feel valued

People like two-way communication and value two-way relationships, and love to get appreciation. When you appreciate a customer for a purchase or for simply visiting your brand, you enhance the chances for better customer engagement. Being indifferent to your customers may lead to a diversion of traffic to other businesses where customers get appreciation.

Extending thanks to the customers can prove to be an eCommerce advantage as customers will become committed to your brand, as they will feel that you care about them. It is not the price only that can retain old customers and attract new customers; it is the way how a business treats a customer that appeals more for doing business with you. You can make a customer feel valued by continuously interacting with the customers through social messages or emails, etc.

There can be financial benefits of thanking your customers

Extending gratitude to your customers can have significant financial benefits also, and it can be a great motivating factor for you. If your customers are happy, a repeat visit to your brand is highly possible and it means the potential of purchase will be higher. Shoppers can easily agree to pay more if there is a better customer experience and it is simple gratitude from your side that can skyrocket your profitability.

Better customer experience can easily come from building a personalized experience and the personalized experience comes from acknowledging each of your customers. When you extend personal attention, it can go a long way to endear customers to your brand and can make your business profitable and increase in eCommerce conversion rate.

Tips to thank your customers

There can be several ways to thank your customers and here you can find a few tips to thank your customers that are relevant to your brand and business.

With every order, you may include a thank you note

One of the most effective and easiest ways to say thank you to your customers is to hand over a thank you note. You can brighten the day of your valued customers by thanking with a handwritten note dropped inside the packages or even you can thank in social media or send an email. It will help your business to grow quickly as it helps the customers to smile.

When you include a personal message in the eCommerce packages, the item no longer remains impersonal. You can turn the entire experience of selling the item as well as after the sale experience into a golden opportunity to strengthen your relationship with the customers. It can further spread good things about you with the word of the mouth and chances of generating more traffic will be there.

Provide value-added content to your customers

When you add value to the content it can be an extremely powerful tool to improve customer experience. It can be effective to provide knowledge to your existing customers as well as it can become a valuable resource for your prospects. You can provide several types of content that can increase the knowledge base of your customers that may include everything from technical articles to beauty.

You can put content related to your business and can include inspiring content that can be eye-catching as well as informative. The additional content can act as a value proposition that can position your brand properly as the leading business. When you start putting such type of content, it can demonstrate your commitment to helping your customers to get the most from your brand at no extra cost.

Think of an individual customer as well as the group of customers

When you start personalization with individual customers in a group of customers, you can start encouraging each customer as well as the group. You can adopt several ways to reach each customer in a group and when you start addressing the customers by name, you start to get closer to your customers. You can send emails to each customer in the group on their birthdays and can also send thank massages after post-purchase and adopt other means to thank.

A handwritten letter can influence your customers deeply

Though the world has gone digital, still nothing can replace the special touch that a handwritten letter carries. When a customer receives one short thanksgiving handwritten letter, it generates a feeling that someone felt for the customer and took time to address personally. The customer that receives a handwritten note may become a permanent customer for your business.

Throw an event for thanksgiving

When you conduct a thanksgiving event for your customers, it gives you a chance to meet with your customers face to face. You can invite the customers to a podcast or webinar and can include a celebrity or add an interesting program to make the event exciting. You can make your customers feel special when you host such types of events for your customers.

Discount the bills of your customers

Another good way to say thanks to your customers is by discounting the bills of your valued customers. It can be a simple and effective way to communicate with the customers that your business pays regard to the engagement of the customers with your brand. You can send a surprise discount code to your customers if you are an online merchant.


Thanking your valued customers for engaging with your business is not about showing grand gestures, but it is about small things that reflect how you care for the customers. How you choose to appreciate your customers is not so important, but your sincerity for extending thanks to your customers may help make your business successful.