A UX writer should have the ability to create a series of directions or clear commands that help the users to seamlessly interact with the product or the software. UX writing is not about drafting a set of functional instructions only, and it is far from captivating and enticing the users to take action. User Experience writing is more on the lines of fulfilling the user requirements in one go efficiently.

What is UX writing?

UX writing revolves around a perfect match of words, functions, images, and other digital elements that can create a consistent and inspiring narrative. There is a growing UX writing trend around the world and big companies like Amazon, Dropbox, Linkedin, Spotify, and many others are always looking for UX writers. Though UX writer is similar to a content writer, UX writer holds a more specific position as compared to a content writer.

There is a distinct difference between copywriting and UX writing though some people use UX copywriting as a synonym for UX writing. The distinction between UX writing vs copywriting is that copywriting tries to get the attention of the customers and it is marketing, not user experience, A UX writer uses the words that we hear, read and use in digital products and the goal of a UX writer is providing help and guide to the users.

Why UX writing so important?

Users need to get guidance and direction when visiting a website or an app that can help to navigate through the website easily. A good quality UX writing can be excellent to bridge the gap between the product and the user, visual layout and usability. UX writing is a very important part of the critical approach and strategic thinking process that is necessary for quality product development

The design team can’t work in isolation for success and there is a realization of the fact that words can embody the success of the UX design process greatly. UX writers can use more conversational languages that make it easier to understand a product and can add feeling to the words that can help to get the emotional response. UX writers are more detail-oriented and are very particular about avoiding misplaced commas, misspellings, or incorrect phrases in the text that makes the products more trustworthy.

How to excel as a UX writer?

Utility and clarity remain the key

While drafting a UX copy, the foremost thing that you need to keep in mind is that it should be clear and useful. A command may not be useful even if the command is clear in writing and command may be useful but may not be clear in writing. As a good UX writer, you need to make sure that you explain the process with clarity and there should be enough utility of the write-up.

It should be conversational

As a UX writer, you need to fully understand the users along with the designers, and fulfill the functional needs of the users. A lot of effort needs to be there to write a perfect copy for enterprise applications because a lot of business decisions and flows depend on it. A UX write up is the only way for interaction by the users with an application and for this reason, it should be simple always.

Avoid creating suspense for the users

Suspense is the last thing that a user expects from an application and guessing about some outcomes may ruin the experience for the users. UX writer apart from providing simplicity to the texts always endeavors to avoid multiple interpretations. The title that UX writer uses relates clearly to the task in hand.

Planning the writing is very important

It is important to properly plan the writing criteria and approach before you go for it to get success. You should always spend a lot of time defining the user-specific problems and start asking the right questions. When you have the problem in front of you, it will be easier for you to find the right answer for it.

Testing with real users is necessary

User testing is an integral part of design as well as the UX writing process to establish the success of UX writing. Brainstorming of the sessions with the designing team can be very helpful and also the quick interaction on the test results of user interaction can help you to draft an excellent UX text. A/B tests can be very effective to test the UX writing you are working on and to gain feedback on the writing.

A curious and analytical approach required for UX writer

A UX writer conducts research, understands the best UX practices, and creates entire user experience right from the start to the end. Besides possessing the writing skills, the writer should develop enough analytical approach for every project and should be able to gather data and act from the insight gained from the analysis of the data. It requires deep involvement with the project at hand and is critical for the writer to have the right mindset to complete the project.


Companies understand the importance of the original content and it is the main reason for the increase in demand for UX writers. Design teams all over the world understand that the right words chosen within prototyping and wireframing process count, and every selected word has an impact on the user behavior. Here lies the need for a UX writer who can understand the need and provide the company with the proper type of writing to suit the design of the product.

The developers and web designers can work closely on various projects and it can be fine for small products. However, for a large scale organization, the creation of the entire design system requires participation from a complete team of professionals. It may include developers, web designers, managers, SEO specialists, copywriters, and others, that work side by side with the project.

For building a new website, it is of absolute importance to hire a UX writer that can make your brand more visible and meaningful to the users and can help to increase the revenue of the company.