Choice of Good Typography Can Help Your Website Stand Out

It is a very hard task to make a good design of a website with so many things to think about. Color scheme, design of logo, navigation, layout, design of text, etc all are important for a design. The most important part of the design is the choice of type that fits all elements logically and compactly.

Your customer gets a positive impression of your website with good typography. That is why it is important to pay attention to your font design when gluing the design pieces together. It means to make sure that your typeface is clean, readable, and just on the right side of striking.

Packing your website with the right typography UX is the key to great website design. Whether your site is a blog or a portfolio or a web store, you need to select the correct typeface. The choice of right text is the primary way for communication with the users, and designers can make or break a design with the choice.

Here, in this article, you will find simple steps that can help you choose an idle font for your website design. It will help you to explore fonts and combinations of fonts beyond those that you are familiar with.

What is the purpose of your design?

Try to identify the purpose of your design before you start doing anything else. Ask yourself what message you want to convey through the design. Identify the main media for your design and the type of mood like happiness, information, etc that you want to convey. Typography can be the key to set the mood, style, and tone in your design in a well-balanced way.

Who is your audience?

Your next step is to identify the target audience for your design and empathize with their needs. It can be a crucial factor since the age, interest and cultural background will influence the choice of fonts. Legible and attractive fonts are the correct choice for children and games and fun choose other appropriate fonts.

Key points to choosing your fonts:

There are two principles that you should consider for setting the right font. These are readability and the legibility of a font, and these can make your design look good.


It is about how you read a typeface, and you should always choose those typefaces that are easy to read. Font pairing and font size can improve readability and for font pairing, you should use a maximum of three types of fonts. On the other hand, you should use different sizes of fonts for creating a good visual contrast.


It means in simple terms how well you can see the letters. It depends on the design of the typeface and it may be out of your control. A highly-legible font may be difficult to read due to poor choice of typographic design.

In other words, while the design of type can decide legibility, the handling of font can improve the ease of reading. Factors that can affect readability are the font size, line length, selection of font, leading, font pairing, color, and background.

Font Inspiration

Font inspiration can come from the good designers’ work that is master in the use of types. Likewise, good websites can be a source of great inspiration for choosing the typefaces for a landing page or a website. Moreover, you may visit your favorite website and check what types of fonts are there to make a choice.

If you see the work of the masters, you can understand the importance of a modular scale for font selection. A modular scale can help to identify pleasing ratios and can create scales to determine font sizes. It has a variety of ratios based on geometry, music, nature and you can use it as per your choice.

It may be a struggle for you to choose the correct scale with so many options available for choice. You can find good books online to have a good insight into the modular scale. A modular scale is a tool and may not guarantee your total success, and use it as a guide only. Typesale can be another good tool that you can use to scale. It will give you the CSS code with an option for editing. It also gives you an extra mile for making a great visual for the headers and the body text sizes.

Font pairing

It is a skill that you can acquire by repeated practice and it can make you a master over time. One good way to start with maybe typo that curates inspiration for font pairing from different types of websites. Moreover, the site provides CSS fonts for each inspirational sample and it can work great for you.

You can find FontPair, another interesting site, and it can provide a good font pairing inspiration to you. You can filter different font style combinations, and you can choose the correct one for you. There are other options like Google font combination that can be also very helpful to you.

Font pairing inspiration is also very crucial like the font itself and good font paring can establish visual hierarchy. Also, it can improve the reading ability of the viewers and leads to good typography for design.

Create a type of style guide

The creation of a proper style guide for your type can help to have a standard across all your designs. At this time you need to finalize the attributes of your text like the color, size, and weight. While choosing a color, you need to take into account you color palette and choose colors that go with it.


There are many good looking graphic design elements on the web, for example, motion graphics, etc. However, the majority of the information in the online world is still present in the text. Thus you should give due to prominence to the selection of font to make a good display of your website design.

You should always check how your fonts look on different types of devices while selecting a font design. For this, you need to think of your design purpose and the target audience you are aiming at. Check for possible font combinations on the web and choose the best one that fits.

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