How to Choose a Font for Your Logo

The font that a brand selects for its business logo is very important to emphasize the brand of a company and to identify with the products or services of a company. A well-selected font can put a lot of advantages for your logo and an inappropriate selection can undermine the trust and evoke nasty reactions. The role of typography in logos is very high and the types of font that you select among the wide availability can be very critical for the success of your business.

What are the popular fonts? 

There are a vast number of fonts, and a few popular fonts you can find here:

Serif fonts: It is a classical font that features small vertical lines at the end of each stroke and communicates reverence, comfort, reliability, and respect to tradition. The example of this font is Trajan, Times New Roman, Georgia Italic, and Baskerville.

Sans Serif fonts: It has no serif and it has a more modern look. It channels novelty, aspiration, and neatness and an example of the font is Franklin Gothic, Helvetica Bold, Myriad Italic, and Calibri.

Script fonts: Scripts fonts give a look of writing with a pen and it communicates creative thought, elegance, and tenderness. Examples of Script fonts are Edwardian Script, Bickham Script, and Lavanderia.

Modern fonts: It is a straight new-style font that stands for progress, decisiveness, elegance, and examples of the font are ITC Avant Cadre Extra Light, Futura.

Display fonts: These are typical fonts uncommon on logos and it expresses uniqueness, emotional richness, friendliness, and uniqueness. Examples of the font are Spaceage Round, Cooper, Giddyup, and Valencia.

Tips for choosing the best logo fonts: 

Try to keep it simple: It is easier to reproduce a logo across different products with a clean font. While making a typography logo design, you may have to reduce or enlarge it. You need to make sure that your logo looks attractive on different surfaces and fits perfectly whether it is a promotional material or a banner, etc.

Avoid trendy fonts: You should always try to avoid a super trendy typography style when you are trying to pick a logo font. It is because a trendy logo font can lose its appeal very quickly, and instead, you should opt for a font that can have longevity in the trend space. If you want to display a modern flair, you can pick a typeface having characteristics that you like without using the exact font.

Custom Design can be great: A logo designed with custom fonts can be completely yours and with a customized design, you will not any worry about the use of the logo by other brands. If you can find the right typography designer, it will be possible for you to get the right character set that represents the vision for your logo.

Research your competitors: Picking a logo font that looks like the logo of another company may be the last thing that you want and to avoid it you need to do a lot of homework. It is important for you to pick a font that is different from your competitors. You can have plenty of different opportunities for choosing something different even if you are using the same style.

Quality is of paramount importance: Selection of a high-quality font that can render crisply and sharply at any size can make your logo design brilliant. You should not try to settle with an old font when you are making your logo design. The font that you select for your logo should be appropriate for social media icons or a business card or a billboard, and it should be easy to read and understand.

Make it special: In case you can’t get a customized logo font, you should try to look for a typeface that has special characters to give a more personal flair to the lettering. You may try using the techniques like the filing letters or changing the design and strokes of a letter to customize the typeface for your logo. You can choose special elements that are available in the special character set for use in your logo.

Try the color and without color: A good logo font should have enough versatility to work well with the use of color design as well as without color. You can start lettering your logo in black once you have a typeface or two and further you can then move to the color option. If the single color logo is not attractive, you can try exploring other options until you find the right one.

Make the right emotional connection: Choosing the correct logo font is not about finding pretty lettering only; it should also establish an emotional connection with the users for your product, service or brand. You should think about the emotional connections that a preferred logo can provide to you. Look for the positive type of associations like the rounded lettering serifs with thin strokes, etc and avoid negative type associations like thick strokes or harsh strokes, etc.


The purpose of Logo is to provide a visual representation of the brand of your company, and therefore a brilliant and unique design for the logo can produce an unforgettable impression in the minds of the users. Symbols can be a succinct and efficient way to communicate information about your business and to promote brand identity. A logo can be the most important investment for a business to develop a brand.

The logo is the face of a company and the first thing that a potential customer will notice. When choosing a logo font, you need to take a lot of time that can be lasting, visible and favorite to your customers. The logo font chosen should reflect your brand personality and should have something special that makes it yours.

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