How to Create a Perfect Landing Page

It may be possible that you have taken a lot of effort into building a great website to make your business successful. There may be a huge investment made by you to build a package of social media accounts, for starting a blog, or for making a copy. But, in spite of all the hard work, your website may not be successful and there might be something missing in your UX Design process.

The landing page can be the most important part of making your website look excellent to the visitors as soon as they hit the website. If you are not very familiar with the term ‘landing page’, here you can find the science behind making a landing page.

What is a landing page?

Though the landing page is a relatively new concept, it is gaining huge popularity over the last few years. It is an online page that is distinct from the main website and it prompts the visitors to take immediate action. The landing page is not a homepage and it presents the overview of the service and the products that promote discoverability and focuses on taking the desired action.

The landing page is the first point of contact with a brand and it gives a unique chance of bringing people and winning the minds of the people. There two important elements of a landing page are that it is a standalone and distinct and single focused objective.

Standalone and distinct

It implies that the page is unique and not linked to the rest of a website, and no standard header menu or global navigation or anything else can tie the page with the rest of the site.

Single focus objective

The landing page focuses on certain activities that a business like the visitors to take when visiting the website of that business.

Why Landing Page designing can be scientific?

It can be really scientific to design a landing page as it will require combining various principles that come from Psychology, Visual design, Marketing User Experience. A balanced, careful application of these key principles can aid you in designing a very successful and valuable design of the landing page. Here you can find a way to build an excellent landing page based on perception and persuasion.


What is perception?

As per behavioral scientists, perception is the ability to understand our surroundings through the use of senses. Visual perception is the ability to understand the world through the light entering our eyes. Visual perception can be more effective with the help of a few ways to build a great landing page.

A few key actions that can help to increase the perception and these are as follows:

Strategically placement of the content

Studies show that we scan web pages loaded with heavy content in the F-shaped pattern and the web pages with less content in Z-pattern. Z-pattern is better suited for shorter and for a more focused landing page. When you place the key elements and significant information along the F or the Z areas, the chances of content discoverability and boosting conversion will be easier.

Create white space

White space is low in information areas made in the design to give the readers a breathing space. When there is enough space between paragraphs, typography, image, buttons, etc, it becomes easy to scan and visual hierarchy and readability improves. White space is not a passive background, it is an active element and it helps the customers to have better visibility and to improve focus.

Visual hierarchy establishment

A good visual hierarchy refers to the visual arrangements according to the weight of the graphic elements. It helps the people to navigate and comprehend the content effortlessly. Use of color, or imagery, font size or weight or video can improve the visual hierarchy.

Information fogrouping

Common region, similarity, and proximity remains the most essential principles for providing the grouping information effectively. While the proximity principle states that the related items should stay close with one another, common region principles underline the need for the placement of visual elements in the same region. Further, the similarity principle indicates that the look-alike objects are always perceived as a related object, and it can help with organizing as well as associating with the specific meaning of the functions.

Make the CTA visible

Call-To-Action Buttons in the landing page remains the number one element that should be made easy and visible to the visitors. The use of bold and clean font with high contrasting colors and the use of white space can make the CTA buttons look very attractive. With a bold, clean and attractive CTA button, you can expect that the customers will take the decision to order faster.

Use visual prompts to boost readability

Video, color, title, imagery, iconography, paragraphs, bullet points, etc are examples of visual elements that can boost readability. When you improve the readability, the performance of the landing page can improve. You should try to use the elements for improving readability optimally to get the best effect.

Always try to be specific

Clarity of communication is the most fundamental and effective way to implement an excellent User experience design. You need to know the audience and use that language that the audience understands comfortably. Brevity in making a clear communication is the key that can put more value on your products.

Write short sentences and paragraphs

For better readability, the character limit per sentence should be 70 with space as per research. Moreover, the paragraph should not have more than 5 to 6 sentences without exceeding 200 characters. Keeping the sentences and paragraphs short can improve the readability and improve the performance of the pages.


What is persuasion?

A persuasive design focuses on influencing human behavior and for making persuasive design knowledge of the audience and their pain points, goals, and motivation is important. With a persuasive design, you can present a visitor sufficient incentive to encourage them to take an immediate decision. Following actions can help you to incorporate persuasive techniques that can be relevant to your value proposition.

Key actions that can help to increase the perception and these are as follows:

Make descriptive and creative headlines

When you craft a beautiful headline, it can help to create an excellent first impression and spark the interest of the visitors. A short headline with a word limit of 15 words, with a strong message, can help to grab the attention of the people. A successful legible heading can describe the purpose of content and can let people know what to expect from it.

Reduce choice and eliminate distractions

As per Hicks’s law,the time taken tomake decisions is directly proportional to the choices available. When you increase the number of choices, the decision time will increase. Elimination options can help people to make a decision faster with greater confidence.

Engage people with emotional connections

Emotions can be a very positive influencer to appeal to the subconscious level of the people and if you know about your audience, you can use it intelligently to influence the audience. Elimination of negative influence like stress, fear, annoyance or frustration can be the basis of making successful UX Design guidelines. Try to generate positive emotions of trust, belongingness, joy, and enthusiasm with the application of convenient, aesthetic and transparent design.

Always emphasize communicating values

When you know the pain points, and goals of your audience, you will be able to determine correctly what is valuable to your audienceWhen you present a short, easy to digest, and a clear list of benefits to your audience, it can help to address the content.

Create a sense of urgency

Urgency can work only when your service or product offers something that aligns with the need of the people. When you set deadlines, like a limitation of items, etc you can create a huge interest in the audience.

Give more offers to your product or service

You can also create more attraction to your products or services by offering bonuses or surprises. People will have a good mood and can like your product more than your competitors.

Social proof

Social proofs can psychologically influence people’s decisions or actions in favor of your brand. When people see a large number of people using your brand and praising your brand, it can have a direct influence on the choice of people.

Trust building

Use of trustworthy figures or authority figures can be a great way to boost the confidence of customers in your brand. Use endorsements, expert reviews, security logos, and awards, etc to establish the credibility of your products and provide assurance to the customers.


Designing a perfect landing page can be the basis of making a good design. Understanding the pain points of the visitors empathetically can help to connect with the visitors at the psychological level. The landing page can be the single most factor to unlock the full potential of your pages.

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