How You Can Become A Successful UX Designer?

The term UX means user experience and it is highly important as it aims at fulfilling the need of the users. The positive experience that a UX design provides can keep the users loyal to a brand or a product. It is, for this reason, the demand for a good UX designer is very high and it is set for becoming more popular in the coming days.

Is the UX designer job attractive?

A UX designer can define the journey of the customers to a website that can be very conducive to the success of a business. The importance of a UX designer can be realized if you see the ranking in several established channels.

A UX designer job is interesting, challenging and lucrative and it is fast becoming a very highly sought out job. A good UX design engineer deals with a lot of people and software and makes compelling websites and app that displays brilliant creativity and brings high job satisfaction.


What qualifications do you need to become a UX designer?

UX design discipline is still in its infancy and people generally are not very clear about the qualifications that are required to become a UX designer. Most employers do not want to see a certificate for UX design jobs and proving the skills is considered more important. However, it is better to be comfortable with sketch and Adobe for interacting with the users and also for analyzing the user interactions with your wireframes, prototypes, and mockups.

If you have a basic understanding of graphic design, computer science, information architecture, visual design, web programming, UI design, etc it can be invaluable for becoming an excellent UX engineer. It is certainly a challenging job to become a UX engineer, however, if you have a love for your work, you can easily excel in this discipline.

There are many successful UX engineers with no formal degree and training but excelled as brilliant UX designers with serious dedication and interest. You too can become very successful in ux design by reading books or blogs or by learning while you are on the job. You can also find various free as well as paid online courses that can be very helpful for becoming an excellent UX engineer.

For example, Springboard is an excellent free online course and Plural sight is a very good paid online course. You can opt for a structured course with allotted time to complete the course and will also have a tutor or mentor for contacting regularly. General Assembly may be one of the best-structured courses and with Akendi you can get short courses weekly basis that is classroom-based. You can also opt for Career Foundry where you will get an excellent choice of both Skype to talk with a mentor as well as doing study at home.


Important skills required to become a successful UX designer:

UX design calls for great command over soft skills with the creativity of mind to produce the best creations. You need to be extremely comfortable with wireframing and sketching and other important aspects discussed in previous paragraphs. However, more importantly, you should have enthusiasm, empathy, good communication and time management skills, and should be able to negotiate.

A UX designer needs to be aware of the working of a business, and also to acquire the ability to ask the right questions to customers. The ability to know what customers want to achieve is important, but the most important skill remains problem-solving to bring out the best User interface design.

Important traits of an excellent UX designer:

Some qualities are always present in a successful UX designer and these make them special. A UX designer should be:


A good UX designer should be able to understand the frustration and the pain of the users to make a great design. Once a designer can see things through the eyes of the customers, it becomes easier to understand the reason for the failure of a design.


Making a successful UX design is not a career path or is not a hobby, but it is a passion. The designer should be overwhelmed by the immense possibilities of the design, pattern and user interaction to make a grand design.

Good collaborator:

A UX designer can’t work in isolation and there is no room for compartmentalized thinking as he has to move with a team. There can be people from various other disciplines and roles like UI designers, stakeholders, programmers, C-level executives, and users, etc. A continuous interaction needs to be made to crystallize an effective design for which the designer needs to be humble and receptive to suggestions.

Intrinsically motivated:

One of the most important traits of becoming a successful UX designer is that the designer should be a self-starter and should be genuinely interested in making a great design.


In this digital world it is very important to understand the changes in technology and a UX designer can be successful only when he loves to work with technology.

How can the qualifications for UX design help?

Once you acquire the qualifications for UX design, you can get many benefits out of it that you can find in the following paragraphs:

Will have a good understanding of the UX designing process:

You can gain a strong foundation of User experience knowledge that obviates the need for search of other information. You can feel good if your content is selected by people having wide experience in this discipline and can develop yourself from there.

You can develop good networking:

It will also be possible for you to build contacts that can start with your tutor, mentor, as well as other students of the same field. You can find online platforms like Career Foundry that adds old students regularly and that can be helpful; to find new jobs and exchanging ideas with one another.

You can develop your portfolio:

With a good qualification of UX design, you can make a good portfolio that can be helpful in any interview of a job. You can put efforts I perfecting the portfolio and gather expert advice for further improvements needed.

You can get a lot of job opportunities:

A UX design qualification may help you get an interview even if you do not have any prior job experience in this field. If you have completed a relevant course of UX design you can be absorbed as a fresher in UX design job. With a few years of experience, you can find more people interested in you who may not be concerned with your qualifications.

A UX design description cannot be described by qualification alone as you have to learn all through your career to know about it, even after you complete your course. It is because the UX design field is always evolving and as a designer, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest technologies and trends. You need to be constantly active to learn and embrace new ideas to become more confident and excel in your job, though you can learn a lot from your mentors and tutors.

Is it possible for UX designers to work remotely?

Since the UX designer’s career revolves around programming and software, there is also a great possibility to work from home as a full-time employee. It can be possible to complete most of the works of a company staying outside of the system of a company. However, there can be many tasks that will be required to have an onsite work like the interaction with the users to understand how they are feeling about the design.

In such cases, remote working may not be possible though there can be a large portion of the job having scope to work remotely. Online surveys, analytic review, the analysis of the products of the competitors, or the testing of the usability of the design can be done from a remote location. Thus, the UX designer jobs can be greatly flexible and it can bring a lot of excitement to explore new things and implement new ideas.

How to decide whether UX design career is correct to choose?

Though a lot of things can be said in favor of choosing UX designing as a career, it is always better to research before deciding whether it is the best option for you. Some of the ways mentioned below can be effective to help you make a correct decision about the choice of the discipline.

Always do a lot of reading:

You can find a lot of valuable content on various websites and blogs like Career Foundry where you can find a lot of information.

Social media:

You can find very good information on social media like Medium and Twitter and also can locate the latest articles on UX here. Also, you can find excellent newsletters published weekly by Sarah Doody and Nick Babich that can change your thinking in the UX designer way.


A career path in UX designing can be very exciting as well as a rewarding proposition. If you have a formal qualification in User Experience design, it can help you understand the basics and make a solid foundation. When you start your job as a fresh UX engineer, you can further hone your skills by staying focused and meeting with people of the same disciplines.

You will gain access to the evolving technologies and gain useful practical experience that will help you make an excellent portfolio. Also, when you work with experienced professionals, you will get the necessary guidelines whenever you need them. It can help you to manifest the perfection already in you and you can tap the immense possibilities in this career to become an excellent UX designer.

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