Important Skills Required For a Freshly Qualified Designer

For the creative-minded young designers who have graduated recently, it is important to acquire great skills to find a good career path. When you use your right brain along with a practical approach, you can assimilate all that you have learned to make a practical use that can find you a stimulating, fun-filled job. Whether you are an UX designer or a UI design maker, there are chances to go to the top of the ladder with a few important skills.

These skills may not be related to your design skills only; there are other dimensions of your capabilities that can contribute to your success in finding a great job. It is highly important for you to capture these skills to hone your core competency in designing. Here you can find a few skills that can act as your competitive advantage whether you are engaged in the UX design process or any other designing job.


Creativity remains at the center of designing any process by incorporating the thoughts in a fascinating way to earn delight of customers. If you are able to come up with innovative ideas and know-how to tap the infinite creative intelligence, you can make yourself special. It is important to have a visual eye to look at things from a different perspective and coming to a brilliant solution.

Effective communication

While creativity is important, it is more important to express your creative capabilities through effective communication skills. For example, if you are able to explain your creative mobile UI/UX design ideas with good communication, you will be able to present your case successfully. Also, good communication ability can be a great way to understand the need of the customers to make an excellent creative design. It can help to have an interactive session where you can get feedback from the customers easily as well you can present your point of view effortlessly.

Problem-solving capability

There is no dearth of people who find problems with any newly introduced design for a process. If you trying to find problems with a new creative mobile UI design or a UX design, you should always try to come up with solutions. Employers always like those employees that always try to provide solutions and try to fix the problems as brilliance is not enough for a company to flourish.

Thus a solution-based approach that is focused on providing the best user experience by removing the pain points is the key to your success. You need to connect to the real problems of a business and you need to ask questions to find out the cause of the problems. It will give you an inkling of ideas that can help you to showcase your ability to solve the problems.

Grab the emerging opportunities

There can be various paths in building a career and you should grab those new, exciting opportunities that align with your interestAlways be open to new ideas and new opportunities that can help to manifest your inner potential and make your job interesting. Even if you have to do a job that is not directly related to the core designing process but may connect peripherally to your job, you should be open to doing it. It will help you to understand new ideas and concepts that can go a long way to make you a complete designer. 

Be enthusiastic to implement changes

In most organizations, people often resist change and do not like to go out of their comfort zone. You need to understand that changes in the business processes are made with a purpose and you should be enthusiastic to embrace the changes. It can help you to have a great work-life and you can position yourself in the good book of the management easily.

Be a risk-taker

You must have heard the saying that more the risk the more is the return and it applies in all walks of our lives. Being a design engineer, you should be ready to come out of your comfort zone and be ready to accept a challenging role. There can be failures, but it should not deter you as you will gate success while moving from failure to failure. 

Learn the art of presentation

Designers are storytellers and the design process should be able to weave your thoughts nicely. The brevity of speech and presentation in a most creative way can be the most effective way to put your case successfully before the audience. Your presentation should be easy to comprehend and digest if you need your idea to get accepted. 

Try to be selective

It is often tempting to grab a lucrative opportunity that you may come across after completing your design course. It is important to find whether you need to compromise your principles for doing the job or whether you will like the type of job. The more the job gets aligned with beliefs, principles, and values, the more intent you can become to perform exceptionally at your job. 


For a young designer, there can be various job opportunities, but for finding the right job and to excel, you need to acquire a few skills. Problem-solving, creativity, effective communication, risk-taking ability, presentation skills, enthusiasm, etc are some of the important skills that you should acquire. With the right skills, you can hone your core competence to have an edge that will help you to secure a good job. 

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