Make Realistic Designs with Mock-Up before Final Development

That you created a good design and want to present to your prospects, is a piece of great news. But did you consider that you need to verify how your design will fair to exceed the expectation of your customers before going for a final development? Here comes the importance of mockup UI/UX Design and it can come very handy for you to understand the capability of the designs before its launch.

What do you need to know about mockups

What do you need to know about mockups?

Mockups are mid to high-fidelity static pictures and can be very useful to render your design on the products of your client. A mockup aims to demonstrate the content layout, color scheme, fonts, navigation, icons, images, visuals and the overall feeling of the product design and User Experience. With a mockup rendering, you can even show the world how the product will look like in a real situation.

It is the first look of a design that matters the most for the acceptance to the customers and the success of a product. When you make a good mockup, it can help the clients to know what to expect from the product much before the development and purchase of the product. If the mockup fails to accurately communicate about the brand, then the design of the mockup may be faulty.

Start your Mockup design at the right time

Mockup comes at the end of the lo-fi phase and right at the beginning of the hi-fi phase in the designing process. When you consider your design as the actual product, you can save a lot of time in transforming it into a functional product. You can start making a mockup just after wireframing or else you can start after the lo-fi prototype testing.

While designing the mockup, you can ask yourself who, what, where and why questions to get a clear picture of the actual use of the product. It can apply to the design of a t-shirt or for a packaging item and any other product. The questions may help you to bring an effective design and will help you to think of the real-world situation concerning the design context.

It may be difficult to change the big picture options like the flow and navigation in high fidelity and you should consider doing the following:

Narrowing of the concepts

Mockups come just after wireframing is due to the need to eliminate the big-picture options. If you don’t have a clear picture of the structure of navigation, you should not make mockups for both the versions and should choose one first.

Examine the product of the competitors

Understand what your competitors are doing before deciding the visuals of your design. Look at the areas of the products of the competitors and decide where you can improve and don’t make a copy of the product designs. Look for the UI Design aspects that users want to change and it can help you to make a better design.

Choice of best tools can help you make an excellent mockup design

Choice of best tools can help you make an excellent mockup design

To present your design work adequately, that may be a graphic layout or a brand, a well-designed mockup can be the best way to bring a realistic look. There are several tools available to make a mockup and the most common among these tools is Photoshop. You can use it easily to manipulate the images that you own and can see how the design made by you will look in the real-world situation.

You can use the design tools to fit a design over a three-dimensional object and it can be useful to make sure that your design will work. You can also see whether the text is visible or whether the image is clear by seeing the shape of the product after application. You can also use more complex tools that may help you to make a powerful and convincing mockup.

Depending on the type of objects the techniques for making a mockup template may vary. You may design a smart object or use the transform tool to skew or rotate or position the design over the desired image. There are additional techniques available like adjustment filters, or painting or the Liquify option that can make a more convincing mockup design.

The use of Photoshop Actions can help to speed up the workflow, and you can create mockups step by step with it. You will also be able to apply theme over the image again and again after you save the steps. You can also customize your mockup easily after buying a ready-made good mockup template. You can use the mockup generator website easily by loading your design and dragging and dropping on the objects that you want to mockup.

Good Mockup design should focus on presentation

Good Mockup design should focus on presentation

Mockup designs should make your product design clear to the customers and should not mislead. You should start presenting with a flat design at the beginning to let your customers understand the actual design. You can further move to a 3D rendering on a final product to make the ultimate presentation of the product design in the real world situation.

Your mockup design should demonstrate exactly where the design can fit into the brand of the client. A mockup can create a permanent impression in the minds of the customers and can showcase the full vision to your client. You need to remember that you are selling a design to your client and showing the future of the product when the product gets the design.

Customization of the mockups is extremely important than the use of generic mockups. The generic mockups can be great as a 3D presentation but may not communicate to the clients effectively about the ultimate look of the products. The real depth of a mockup design can only come when you customize the mockup with the actual need for the product of your client.

Characteristics of an excellent mockup presentation

An effective mock is not necessarily all about making a 3D presentation; it is about bringing life to a design. You should try to implement the following tips while you make a mockup design:

  • Show the final product in action.
  • Don’t distract the viewers and make a focused design for the mockup.
  • Avoid stock photos.
  • Design mockups to adapt to different settings.
  • Showcase several mock-up designs.

Why a mockup is important?

Frontend developers make estimates with the use of mockups and if there is no mockup, there will be no estimate possible. Also, if there is no mockup, it will not be possible to implement shapes, colors, and fonts. If no mockup is there, there will be no investors and finally, there will be no users.

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