UX or user experience has become the most popular buzzword for businesses trying to secure an everlasting positive impression in the minds of the customers. It tries to meet the user’s needs by providing a meaningful positive experience when the prospects visit a website. User Experience can be enhanced with an accessible, usable and pleasurable site that increases customer engagement effectively.

The market survey reflects that greater than 75% of people are most likely to come back to an excellently designed website. On the contrary, around 80% of the customers will turn away from a site with poor UX design and will prefer an alternative site. For ambitious marketers, User Experience design can be extremely important to increase traffic, improve conversions and ensuring higher revenue for businesses.

What does User Experience mean?

UX design is based on a concept that has several dimensions and several disciplines. It includes interactive design, visual design, information architecture, and human-computer interaction. While making a UX design, an UX designer takes a holistic approach and considers the target customers, the goal of the business, and technical constraints that need to be overcome.

The true success of an excellent UX design process development lies in creating the presentation of the products or the services focusing on use rather than look. A perfect UX design can produce the same quality user experience for all the visitors irrespective of the type of device being used to access your website. From beginning to end the users can be engrossed with a stellar UX design that also encompasses touch points for customers in between.

UX designing for Business to Consumers may be easy as people always want to make a quick purchase. However for business to business marketers, it can be tougher as in the decision-making process of an organization, several people having different key roles are involved. Each one having a say in choosing the product or service can come up with their own opinions.
A B2B buying process can involve weeks, and for this reason, it is of great importance to have a great UX design and UX. It is all the more important to keep the prospects interested and make a decision in favor of your company. The right concept of user experience and design thinking means how well the demographics, plights and the need of the buyer personas are understood.

User Experience

User experience and web design:

Once you have become thoroughly familiar with the buyer profile, you need to start making your website design focusing on providing an improved user experience. User experience website design can be streamlined to look pretty and it can be optimized for improved conversions. A properly designed website with UX can tell a lot about your company and the offerings you are making. The positive things that can happen with an excellently built UX design are:

  • It can convey effectively the excellent quality of the products and service.
  • Your customers can get long-term benefits.
  • It can project that your business is legitimate and can offer helpful support at any point in time.
  • You can target the right prospects for your business.

It can be done by following the best practices for web design and by learning more about your audience humanely. You need to develop your presence on the web that can make sense to your end-users.

Salient benefits of UX design:

User experience design when done effectively can help you to captivate the visitors to your website as soon as they visit your website. A beautifully designed UX can keep the visitors deeply interested when they navigate across your brand content. The use of key user experience elements can go a long way to improve the loyalty of the visitors towards your business.

Six steps of developing a meaningful user experience design:

You can follow the following user experience design guidelines to improve the overall user experience process and to have a better engagement that can lead to better conversions.

Understand your visitors:

You should have a clear understanding of the needs of visitors before they start asking for it. It can be done by collating the gathered information about the demographics of the customers and the challenges they are facing. Separate profiles for each buyer personality can be created considering the roles, goals, objectives, challenges, etc.

Do thorough research:

It may be wrong to assume that you have all the information about your valued customer. You need to conduct online or offline surveys, do a close follow up in the social media and listen to the conversation of the prospects closely. If you can understand what your customers are conveying and what challenges they are facing, it can help you to make a great UX design.


Once you have a fair understanding of your customers, it is time that you should develop a concrete plan for the journey of the buyers. A 360-degree profile for the journey needs to be made that needs to include all the technologies that visitors may wish to use to visit your website.

Now a day with the revolution of digital technologies a website can be easily found by several means like home assistant devices, emails, social channels, etc. It can happen that the original plan made by you is lacking in some areas and you should not get upset about it. With the trial and error, analysis of the visitor behaviors constantly and understanding the interaction of the visitors with your UX design can help you to improve further.


Once you have been able to crystallize the planning process, it is time for incorporating the ideas to develop a full-fledged website. The overall design of the website should make the customers feel that they know and understand your brand quite well. Customer should start feeling comfortable with your brand with the choice of excellent color, images, layout as well as navigation. The buying decision of the customers can be swayed in favor of your brand with a brilliantly made UX Design.

Implement the design:

You will only get a meaningful experience about the audience’s acceptance of your UX design when you publish it and allow the visitors to access your website. Once your customers start interacting with your website, you can start gathering data from several data platforms including Google Analytics. It can help you to get a clear picture of the design and the overall quality of user experience.

Assessment of performance:

With the gathering of enough data of the visitors’ interactions, you will get a better understanding of the experience and satisfaction level of the users. The results if reflect more page-views, longer retention time, and increased rate of conversions, can mean that UX design is a big success. If the results are not satisfactory, it means that you have to put more effort into making the UX design successful. You can perform A/B testing and can decide what elements of the UX designs are lacking and need improvement.

Design tips for effective User Experience

You can get a very good result if you use the following tactics for making UX design for your website.

Improved functionality:

Take care to make the website operate as intended and you can test the performance of your website by browsing through it as a prospect. Links and buttons provided on the website should take the prospects to a definite place without any error. Errors can be uncovered in this way and it can allow you to correct the mistakes proactively before it affects more visitors.

Reliable performance

It is important that you provide a 100% uptime guarantee to the visitors consistently and any deviation from it may result in loss of traffic. An ultra-fast loading of a site is always preferred by customers and slow page loading can be highly frustrating and may turn away the prospects to other sites. A clutter-free website, compressed contents, use of adaptive images, etc are some steps that you can use to make your website faster.


With high-quality UX design, you can have intuitive navigation that will help the web traffic to seamlessly navigate from web page to web page. The intuitive design of the website will help users to spend a useful time on your website and will enhance customer engagement. It allows the prospects to focus on a task that is in hand without any need to stop for a second.


Increased convenience on your website will help users to locate anything they want very quickly. Once you know your audience very closely, and understand the requirement of the customers, you can make a perfect UX design for your website.


With the ux design explainedabove, the true success of your design can be evaluated by knowing the customer satisfaction. You can gather data from the analytics, and find whether the interactions, as well as conversion, have increased to understand the level of success.


There has to be a great emotional connection between the users with your brand that can motivate the prospects to buy your products. A great UX design can create a suitable interface that can produce an everlasting experience to gain the trust and confidence of users for your business. A simple clutter-free intuitive navigation, with excellent content along with the right use of fonts and colors, can go a long way to help you make a great experience. Knowing your customers’ choice with extensive research, the use of analytics to gauge the performance of UX design, and taking corrective action early can pave the way to success in your effort.