Top 5 Essential Plugins for Designers

Today’s designer start design with top tools and plugins. In this article I discus about top essential plugin’s for designer. Browser extensions are help us to develop app with more appropriate and more perfect.

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

1. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

Very essential plugins Nimbus screenshot & screen video recorder to take full page web page screen capture and record video for designers. It support partial screenshots features and you can edit the screenshot. Nimbus save .jpg, .png as image and .pdf. Share options to Slack and upload screenshot to Google Drive, Google Classroom and Dropbox. Edit options support add graphics, text, arrows, stickers and watermarks. Nimbus support resize and crop options.

Nimbus support video record from any web page and webcam. Convert recording to .mp4 and .gif. Edit options support crop, trim and customize video resolution and frame rate.

To use this plugins Click Here.

Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker

2. Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker

VPN proxy service is the most important service for designers. Hola unblock websites blocked in your country through advanced routing technologies. It support streem media with Hola VPN proxcy. Plugins available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Android and IOS app.

To use this plugins Click Here.

Liner. The Real Ruler

3. Liner. The Real Ruler

Most popular and useful tool for web designers and web developers. Very light weight rulers similar with adobe Photoshop. Easy to manage and maintain page alignment in horizontal and vertically. Available after page reload as it support state saving features. Support guides with multiple colors. Use Shift and Ctrl to change gradation, double-click the rule to delete.

To use this plugins Click Here.


4. ColorZilla

ColorZilla for developer and designer to perform any color related task. Easy to install and use in chrome and Firefox.  ColorZilla include color picker, Auto-copy, Keyboard Shortcuts, palette browser and Eye Dropper. It support gradient generator and many more color tools. At any point in your web page you can grab color and paste it to any another program.

To use this plugins Click Here.


5. WhatFont

How to confirm what is the used fonts in your web page? Now it easy with WhatFont plugin for Chrome and Safari to view font family easily in screen without use of firebug or inspector. Simple hovering on text you can get the information of font as tool tip. Effective tool for developer and designer to manage font family easily.

To use this plugins Click Here.

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